Bridgestone: Inflation Pressure. Vehicle Track Width


Inflation Pressure

Pressure Higher Lower
Grip Decrease Increase
Contact Area Decrease Increase
Steering Response Quick Slow
Lateral Stiffness Hard Soft
Traction Braking Decrease Increase
Wet Performance Increase Decrease
Wear A B
(A) Center part of tread wears quickly   (B) Both sideparts of tread wear quickly

  1. In case slide speed is too fast (past grip limit point):Decrease the pressure
  2. In case of unsteadiness and/or tottering in turning the corner:Increase the pressure
  3. In case of rain condition:Increase the pressure

Vehicle Track Width

  1. If the circuit has long straights and has high average speed, the narrower track width is effective.
  2. If the circuit has many corners and has low average speed, then wider track width is effective.
  3. In the case of rain conditions: Narrow track width is effective (both front & rear).
  4. In the case of understeering: Widen the front track width or make rear track width narrower.
  5. In the case of oversteering: Widen the rear track width or make front track width narrower.

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