Yamaha engine KT-100 Tech

The crankcase Measuring each case halves is useful to determine the crankshaft end play. Add the 2 mesures together and substract the crank size. The end play should be between 0.005” and 0.010” (Photo 1-2). To change the case bearings, remove the old oil seals and place the case halves upside-down in the oven (clean […]

Yamaha KT-100 Engine

Yamaha KT-100 Engine: Junior and Senior classes Cylinder volume 97.6cc Bore/Stroke 52mm x 46mm Carburator Walbro WB-3A Compression 7.9:1 Monocylinder, 2-stroke, Pre-mix oil-gas Electronic ignition Single, forward inclined When you buy a new Yamaha KT100 it’s not quite ready for competitive racing. A minimun of preperation is required. You will find in these documents some […]

Engine Yamaha KT100S

The Yamaha KT100S is a single cylinder, two-stroke, piston valve engine with oil-in-fuel lubrication and transistor control ignition. The cylinder is forward inclined. Bore/Stroke Displacement Compression Weight Fuel Mix 52mm x 46mm 97.6cc 7.9:1 10.3kg 15:1

Engine Yamaha KT100J

The Yamaha KT100J is a single cylinder, two-stroke, piston valve engine. It uses oil-in-fuel lubrication and capacitor discharge ignition for its single vertical cylinder. Bore/Stroke Displacement Compression Weight Fuel Mix 50mm x 50mm 98.1cc 7.6:1 9.5kg 15:1

Buller Racing Engines

Buller Briggs Grandnational Engines Buller has a complete line of Briggs engine packages built for your particular racing application. These blueprinted engines have all the lateset trick machining and inspections performed with accurate name brand equipment. In 1998, we started to Cryogenically treat the dual ball bearing Briggs engine block. Advantages of this one time […]

Yamaha engine

What should my pop-off pressure be on a Yamaha engine with a kb-do pipe? Answer: Pop-off pressure huh? That is a real can of worms, First, every gauge and every person will get a different reading on the same carb. So, before we can go very far with suggesting where to set it, lets talk […]

What good are spec classes?

… an opinion When I started karting, I looked at it as a fun, supposedly, inexpensive way to race, and I thought, and still think, that karts are a blast. But, after racing a few different classes, I’ve had some further thoughts on the low cost addage, and especially the promotion of spec classes. Also, […]

CHT and EGT made simple

While your results may vary depending on various factors (see below), we set our carb pop-off at 8.5 to 9.5 pounds (it isn’t too critical) and the metering lever height at 0.045 below the gasket. We use 8 ounces of Yamalube R to a gallon 100 octane or higher fuel. We set the low-speed needle […]

Karting in Finland

Something about… karting in Finland! I hope you don’t get bored to death, but Pete Muller asked for it… this is how I see it. I must start with some background, as I don’t expect that the people in this mailing list in general know very much about Finland. The country is situated up north […]

Karting in Norway

Some words about karting in Norway in 1996 Norway is situated north in Europe, and is a country with almost 4.5 million citizens. We have a long winter here, so the karting season is from April to October. In some places even shorter! This means we have a long season for preparing and planning ahead. […]