CIK Homologated Tires

These are the CIK homologated tires for the three years commencing in 1996 All tyres ———– Pneus K Ka 10 x 3.60-5 Pneus K Ka 10 x 4.50-5 Pneus K Ka 11 x 6.00-5 Pneus K Ka 11 x 7.10-5 Pneus K Kz 10 x 3.60-5 Pneus K Kz 11 x 6.00-5 Cheng-Shin —————- Maxxis […]

Karting in Portugal

Portugal, for those of you who already forgot your geography lessons, is a small, very old and the westernmost european country in the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It has 9.5 million inhabitants and its about the same size of Maine. Its was a country of immigration in the past and there […]