Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Kart Tires can push you to new performance heights in every category of kart racing. Whether you’re in search of an asphalt slick or an aggressive-tread rain tire, Maxxis Kart tires deliver the perfect balance between traction and durability. SLC Tires Nylon casing Durable tread compound for a longer life Used for club and […]

Durometer hardness of tires

Durometer Bridgestone Burris Dunlop Maxxis 36 YEL – YEX D21 KT5 – KT6 37 38 RS2 – RS9 39 40 YEC D25 41 42 YEM, YDE, YFA R6 – RM8 43 M30 44 YBQ R5 – RH7 45 YER, YFB 46 RH3 ? HG4 47 RH2 ? 48 YEF SL4 49 YEY-SL 50 D4 SL3 […]

Karting in Finland

Something about… karting in Finland! I hope you don’t get bored to death, but Pete Muller asked for it… this is how I see it. I must start with some background, as I don’t expect that the people in this mailing list in general know very much about Finland. The country is situated up north […]

Karting in Portugal

Portugal, for those of you who already forgot your geography lessons, is a small, very old and the westernmost european country in the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It has 9.5 million inhabitants and its about the same size of Maine. Its was a country of immigration in the past and there […]