JICA Piston Port Specs

Intercontinental A Junior Piston Port Engines, 1995 Homologation Intake Exhaust ——————- ————————- Engine Bore Stroke Degs Inches Width Degs Inches Width Web ———– —— —— —– —— —– —– —— —— —- Comer P50 1.9685 1.9882 160.43 .949 1.379 172.4 1.297 1.537 .157 Comer B52 1.9385 2.0472 159.13 .969 1.358 171.2 1.347 1.516 .157 CRG […]

Karting in Finland

Something about… karting in Finland! I hope you don’t get bored to death, but Pete Muller asked for it… this is how I see it. I must start with some background, as I don’t expect that the people in this mailing list in general know very much about Finland. The country is situated up north […]

Karting in Portugal

Portugal, for those of you who already forgot your geography lessons, is a small, very old and the westernmost european country in the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It has 9.5 million inhabitants and its about the same size of Maine. Its was a country of immigration in the past and there […]

Karting in Norway

Some words about karting in Norway in 1996 Norway is situated north in Europe, and is a country with almost 4.5 million citizens. We have a long winter here, so the karting season is from April to October. In some places even shorter! This means we have a long season for preparing and planning ahead. […]