Breaking in an Engine

The process of breaking an engine in truly deals with every component in the engine. What occurs is the high spots or rough edges of the components are being removed by metal-to-metal contact with the mating surface. This process is occurring on a microscopic level. A second reason to break-in the engine is to normalize […]

2003 Kid Kart Chassis (Buller Built, Inc.)

The Buller Kid Kart is manufactured to IKF & WKA rules. It is to be operated only under parental supervision, while participating in exhibition events. It is a tool whose purpose is to teach safe racing to 5, 6, and 7 year old kids. Tinker package – Adjustable Caster (with pills). – Infinitely adjustable camber […]

2004, and 2005 Velocity Chassis (Buller Built, Inc.)

The 2004 Buller Velocity is the newest addition to the winning line of Buller Chassis. It is designed as a stiffer, wider, chassis for hard race tracks and asphalt. It features adjustable front and rear lead, wheelbase, caster, camber, lr roll center, as well as cross. It is not only the most adjustable Buller chassis […]

Buller Racing Engines

Buller Briggs Grandnational Engines Buller has a complete line of Briggs engine packages built for your particular racing application. These blueprinted engines have all the lateset trick machining and inspections performed with accurate name brand equipment. In 1998, we started to Cryogenically treat the dual ball bearing Briggs engine block. Advantages of this one time […]

Aero-LT (Buller Built, Inc.)

The Aero line of adjustable karts, in the last 7 years, have won more I.K.F. Speedway Grandnational Championships than all other brands combined!! If you are serious about 2-cycle dirt racing, this is the only kart for you! It’s past performance record speads for itself! (2000) Aero-LT: Features and specifications Built of lightweight 4130 chrome […]

Demon-LT (Buller Built, Inc.)

The 1999 Demon-LT is a version of the highly successful 1998 Buller Offset grafted onto the proven Buller Aero-LT style front end. To help you to be fast from the first time out, each kart is shipped with the most comprehensive set-up sheet in the industry. Demon-LT: User friendly adjustments include Adjustable front track width […]

Demon Kart (Buller Built, Inc.)

The 1999 Demon Kart is an updated version of the highly successful 1998 Buller Offset. To help you to be fast from the first time out, each kart is shipped with the most comprehensive set-up sheet in the industry Demon Kart: User friendly adjustments include Front and rear ride height adjustment Castor, camber, ackerman Sliding […]

BULLY clutch

What makes the BULLY clutch superior to the other clutches in the marketplace? Answer: Actually there are several good 4 cycle clutches on the market. The BULLY clutch has several unique features that make it stand out from the rest. One if the most important aspects to look at is clutch construction, is in the […]