Bridgestone: kart racing tyres

2000 Racing karts require high quality grip performance and durability, and Bridgestone tyres meet these needs right to the finish line of even the most demanding race. Bridgestone’s advanced production technology ensures that engine power is transfered to the racing surface as efficently and consistently as possible, and these tyres have propelled many drivers to […]

Azusa: Chain Data

Roller Chain Number System Chain numbers used by ANSI (American National Standard Institute) are based on the number “8,” which represents one inch. Therefore, #80 chain has a 1″ pitch; #35 with a “3” as the first number, has a 3/8″ pitch; #40 with a “4” as the first number has a 1/2″ (4/8) pitch, […]

Bridgestone: Rim Width. Improving Steering Performance

Rim Width Rim Width Wider Narrower Grip Increase Decrease Handling Performance Increase Decrease Steering Response Quick Slow Lateral Stiffness Hard Soft Wet Performance Decrease Increase Rolling Resistance Increase Decrease Example of rim width adjustment: In the case of understeering: Make the front rim wider or rear rim narrower. In the case of oversteering: Make the […]

Bridgestone: Inflation Pressure. Vehicle Track Width

Inflation Pressure Pressure Higher Lower Grip Decrease Increase Contact Area Decrease Increase Steering Response Quick Slow Lateral Stiffness Hard Soft Traction Braking Decrease Increase Wet Performance Increase Decrease Wear A B (A) Center part of tread wears quickly   (B) Both sideparts of tread wear quickly In case slide speed is too fast (past grip limit […]

Bridgestone: Mounting Tires. Inflating Tires

Mounting Tires Safety Warning: Serious injury or death may result from an explosion of the tire/rim assembly due to the use of excessive pressure during mounting. Never exceed 35psi (240 KPA) to seat the beads. During tire inflation, always have assembly secured, atand clear, and use remote controlled clip-on air hose. Only specially trained persons […]

Bridgestone: Available Sizes & Specifications

Size Position Compound Pattern Measuring Rim Approved Rim Overall Diameter Overall Width Tread Width 4.5/10.0-5 F YEX/YFA/YFB DR7 4.5 4.0-5.0 10.4 5.2 4.3 5.5/10.0-5 F & R YFA/YFB DR7 6.0 5.5-6.5 11.2 6.5 4.7 6.0/10.0-5 R YEX/YFA/YFB DR7 6.0 5.5-6.5 11.1 6.7 5.2 6.5/10.0-5 R YFB DR1 7.5 7.0-8.0 10.8 8.1 5.4 7.1/10.0-5 R YEX/YFA/YFB […]

Bridgestone Application Chart

Specification Application Main Catagory to be used YEX Ultra-high grip compound; highest grip slick tire, well-suited for Sprint race use. Replaces YEL. Formula Super A, Formula A, Sprint YFA High grip compound; sprint race use, well suited for application where the track surface is smooth and temperature is low. CIK homologated tire. Replaces YEM. Intercontinental […]

CIK Homologated Tires

These are the CIK homologated tires for the three years commencing in 1996 All tyres ———– Pneus K Ka 10 x 3.60-5 Pneus K Ka 10 x 4.50-5 Pneus K Ka 11 x 6.00-5 Pneus K Ka 11 x 7.10-5 Pneus K Kz 10 x 3.60-5 Pneus K Kz 11 x 6.00-5 Cheng-Shin —————- Maxxis […]

Durometer hardness of tires

Durometer Bridgestone Burris Dunlop Maxxis 36 YEL – YEX D21 KT5 – KT6 37 38 RS2 – RS9 39 40 YEC D25 41 42 YEM, YDE, YFA R6 – RM8 43 M30 44 YBQ R5 – RH7 45 YER, YFB 46 RH3 ? HG4 47 RH2 ? 48 YEF SL4 49 YEY-SL 50 D4 SL3 […]

Karting in Portugal

Portugal, for those of you who already forgot your geography lessons, is a small, very old and the westernmost european country in the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It has 9.5 million inhabitants and its about the same size of Maine. Its was a country of immigration in the past and there […]