Azusa: #219 Sprocket Data

When Azusa Engineering first began producing #219 sprockets, we found no published dimensional data tables with the precision we required for manufacturing. Using ANSI B29.1 Standard, Azusa derived the applicable formulas and generated the required #219 sprocket data. As a service to karting, we have summarized this hard-to-find data in the table below. Nominal Outside […]

Azusa Engineering: History of #35 “Space” chain

Special #35 chain (as it was refered to then) first appeared in southern California late 1975 or early 1976 to solve the problem of oiling and dirt. I donâ„–t have a record of who started selling it, but it must not have been selling fast enough. Acme Chain Company of Holyoke, Mass. asked Azusa Engineering […]