Formula A and Formula Super A Overview


Formula Super A is considered the Karting World Championship class. Formula A, while a very good class in it’s own right, is the stepping stone to Super A. While there is about a 1/2 second difference between the two formulas, the two classes are very close specification wise.

  100cc single cylinder two cycle
  Air cooled
  Rotary valve induction
  No forced induction
  Single speed, no transmission
  140kg minimum weight, kart and driver.
  Commercially available unleaded gasoline
  5" max. diameter wheels.

  Formula Super A may use any carburator with a max. 32mm venturi.
  Formula A may only use a butterfly carburator with a max. 24mm venturi.

The race format varies from what most Americans are use to.

Each kart has two timed qualifying laps, with noise testing. Exceeding the predetermined noise levels adds a time penalty to ones qualifying time. These penalties can be VERY severe, (up to 4 seconds) or disqualification from the event. The maximum sound level (measured 1.8 meters above the racing line) is 110.5 dB/A. Time penalties are given as follows:

  111.0 dB/A    .25 seconds
  111.5 dB/A    .50 seconds
  112.0 dB/A   1.00 seconds
  112.5 dB/A   2.00 seconds
  113.0 dB/A   4.00 seconds
  113.5 dB/A   disqualification from the event

After qualifying, if the field is large enough, they will divided into four groups, A B C D. The fastest qualifyer in group A, second in group B, third in group C, fourth in D, fifth in A, and on through the field. Each group will race each other group in 15km heats in the following format:

  A vs. B
  C vs. D
  C vs. B
  D vs. B
  D vs. A
  C vs. A

  If the number of entries is less than 51, there will only be three groups:

  A vs. B
  C vs. B
  C vs. A

  If there are less than 34 entries, they will run three heats with all the entries.

The groups grid in two columns. If the heat is A vs. B, group A would be on the “pole” side of the grid, and group B the other side of the grid.

Points are awarded in each heat race as follows;

 1st = 0
 2nd = 2
 3rd = 3
 4th = 4
 5th = 5 and so on down the finishing order.

After the three heats, the starting order for the prefinal will be arranged with the lowest point total on pole the second highest 2nd and so on through the first 28 starting positions. The next 34 non-qualifyers then run a 15km last chance heat to fill the last 6 starting positions in the prefinal.

The prefinal is contested over 20km, and the finishing order will be the starting order for the final. The final is run over 30km and counts for all the marbles.

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