An Introduction To Australian Karting for Beginners


Kart racing is a cheaper alternative to all those who seek the thrills of Motorsports but can’t afford the high budgets to run racing cars. It is also a place were juniors can work on their skills for a future in car racing. Many of the worlds top drivers as well as top local drivers got their grounding in the sport of kart racing.

You need not have goals of becoming the worlds greatest as karting does not have to lead to greater things, as many Karters choose this as their sport and are happy to stay put and have the thrill of competition every weekend.

Their is a class for everyone when it comes to Go Kart racing. Ages in the sport range from 7 to 70. Weight is no problem either as drivers are divided up into weight categories.

Some of the benefits of kart racing include

  • Low start up costs compared to other forms of Motorsports
  • You can race or practice every weekend for very little money
  • The whole family can be involved
  • The sport is run under a safe controlled environment

Talk to people

Whilst this guide will be of some help to you the best way to find out about the sport is usually talking to people who are already involved.
In this web site we have a section called club and track details . I would suggest you track down the closest club to were you live, then get on down their and have a look. One of the benefits of Go Kart racing is that it is a fairly friendly sport with most people willing to show you the ropes and even give you a few pointers (providing their not going to be racing against you). If you find that their is a club close to were you live, the best bet would be to phone them and find out when or where there is a race meeting. They will usually be of assistants. Another way to learn more is to drop into your local kart shop and have a talk to the proprietor they can usually steer you in the right direction with some helpful advice.

Sprint Kart Or Super Kart

One of  the first thing to clear up is the name – Sprint Kart Racing.

You will often hear Go Karting refereed to as this.  The reason it is refereed to as Sprint Kart Racing is because these karts run short sprint races, usually less than 20 laps they are also direct drive Karts (meaning they don’t have clutches, except for a few junior classes). They are all 100cc engines of various configurations, although their are some classes that run two engines, not surprisingly these are called Twins. Sprint Kart races are all held on purposely designed Go Kart Tracks, that are between 600m and 1500m long.The top speeds of sprint kart classes  range from 90kph to 170kph. This style of racing is run under the governing body of the Australian Karting Association also known as the AKA.

Their is also a class of Kart racing called Super Kart Racing. This is the reason for this explanation. These are very different karts as they  run 100cc to 250cc  gearbox Engines and only run on proper road racing circuits. These karts are extremely fast with top speeds of the faster classes running up to the 285kph mark. This sport is governed by The Confederation Of Australian Motor Sport, also known as CAMS.

First Things First

To start with their are a few things you need to know before you start Go Kart racing.

A Licence And Club Membership

Go Kart racing is run under a Governing body known as the AKA or Australian Karting Association. To race you need to be a member of this Organisation. Also to race you need to be a member of an affiliated club. The best places to start is a club that is local to your area. You will have to search through our club and track details section to find your closest club or your local kart dealer should be able to help you out. If you get in contact with them they will be most helpful in filling you in on the details of how to join and will organise your AKA licence for you. Prices for membership and licence can range from $150 to $300 depending on the club. Unfortunately this is a necessary expense. It is also worth noting that club memberships are usually available in different forms E.g  Single of family memberships.

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