American Formula-A Championship


Technical Regulations

– Homologated single cylinder series production air cooled engines, complying with the specifications a Article 37 to 43 of the present regulation. All systems of ‘Power-Valve are forbidden.

– Maximum cubic capacity 100cc, without gearbox.

– Rotary Valve Engine

– The ignition system used must be in conformity with the CIK/FIA Regulations

– Minimum weight 140 kg’s

– Minimum weight Kart alone without fuel: 60kgs

– Carburetor of butterfly type with center axle with a maximum venturi diameter of 24mm Tolerance article 42 already included. All systems of injection and/or spraying of products other than fuel are forbidden.

– Tires: 5″ (See Tire Distribution) below and in the event Procedures & Rules

– Lateral Bodywork is obligatory and front fairings are obligatory. (PER FIA 1995 YEARBOOK)

– Gasoline: To be supplied at circuit (see procedure section).

– Engine Oil: To be supplied at circuit (see procedure section).

– Driver Identification: As with C.I.K. events, and to promote professionalism, all karts shall carry the drivers name on each side pod & his/her country flag: Minimum height = 4cm (1.575″) Must be in place throughout the event (August 12 & 13th).



An Entry is a contract between the competitor and the Organizing Committee (Art. 25 ISC). It can be signed by both parties or result from an exchange of correspondence. It compels the competitors to take part in the Competition in which he has accepted to run, except in the case of duly established “force majeure”.


1. All staging, tire mounting, fuel mixing, will occur in Parc Ferme.

2. Definition: PARC FERME – A secure area, with one entrance and one exit, falling under the supervision of race officials at all times when open.

3. Parc Ferme will open for assembly prior to the start of qualifying, heat and main event. (SEE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS)

4. Parc Ferme will close 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

5. Only the driver plus one mechanic is allowed in Parc Ferme per entry. (SPECIAL CREDENTIAL REQUIRED)

6. The following items will be supplied by competitor when Parc Ferme is opened for qualifying:

– One clean, empty container for mixing fuel, large enough to supply the entrant with fuel throughout the event. Permanently identified with Kart number and marked at five gallons. Your container will be filled to that mark.

– One clean liquid measuring device, if needed.

– Practice fuel, oil and tires are not available from parc ferme.

– Parc ferme does not provide tools, measuring devices, tire mounting lube or bead breakers.

DISTRIBUTION OF TIRES (Slicks tires only):

GENERAL: With the aim of solving the problems regarding the quality of homologated or non homologated Tires used in Group I and 2 the CIK/FIA has decided to introduce a system of distribution of tires which will offer better guarantees for the disposal and use of homologated tires with constant quality.


The distribution of tires at scruitneering in the parc ferme, in the presence of a Steward, in exchange for a VOUCHER from the Manufacturer / Dealer of the make of tires which the driver has written on his entry form. One sole type of tires per make chosen by the manufacturer of tires himself can be distributed at the event. The manufacturer is obliged to announce to the promotor each type of tires chosen, minimum 15 days prior to each event. The distribution of tires will take place before timed practice. (See time table)


The fitting of tires on the rims must be carried out in the parc ferme.


The spare front/rear tire may be obtained in the parc ferme in exchange for a VOUCHER from the manufacturer/dealer. The change must be requested in writing from stewards.


Any breach will compulsory entail the exclusion of the entrant for the whole meeting. The parc ferme marshals are considered as judges of fact.

Start Procedure

1 Admission to assemble area will close 5 minutes before the advertised time of the race.

2 From the moment the starter signals with the Green Flag for the karts to be released from parc ferme drivers are under “Starter Orders” and may not receive any outside assistance for repairs or other adjustments to their equipment.

3 From the moment this start procedure commences, race conditions apply wherever a kart may be on the track it is forbidden to receive any assistance, other than required to remove a kart to a place of safety.

4 A yellow line will be painted 25m before the Start Line and it is forbidden to accelerate before the front row of the grid has crossed this line.

5 The field will complete at approximatly 1 full formation lap before the start is given. It is forbidden to overtake another driver under pain of a penalty left at the stewards’ appreciation. It is the driver’s responsibility to retain his grid position and the starter is not obligated to allow an additional formation lap to allow a driver who has lost his place to regain it.

6 Should a driver stop, for any reason, during the formation lap, he may not attempt to restart until he has been passed by the entire field. He/She may then rejoin at the back of the formation but must not try to regain his grid position. Should he/she attempt to move up through the field or start in front of the field in the hope that the leader will overtake him, he will receive the black flag and be excluded from the race. Similar, should a driver, without stopping, fall behind the entire field he must remain at the rear for the start and not attempt to regain his position. Any infringement will result in the same penalty. However, should the starter consider that a driver has been forced to stop due to the action of another, he may stop the formation lap and re-start the starting procedure with the original grid order.

It is forbidden to use any route other than the track used for the race to regain a place. The starter will give the start as soon as he is satisfied with the formation. Attempts to either jump or delay the start will be penalized.

The only variation will be for the Final when the karts will do 2 warm up laps and then stop at the start-line or some other designed place. When the karts are stopped it is forbidden (for karts) that they be re-fueled or receive any outside assistance The mechanics (pushers) will remain in a specified place until the starter is satisfied that the karts are in their correct order, he will then signal the mechanics who will proceed directly to their kart and push-start them on the signal to re-start.

7 Should a kart stop and be unable to re-start during the course of the race, it must be removed from the track to a place of safety and the driver must remain with his kart until the end of the race.

8 As soon as the checkered flag has been shown to a driver at the end of the race he must proceed directly, using only the authorized route, to the parc ferme. From the moment the driver has received the checkered flag until he is released from the parc ferme he is under parc ferme conditions and must make no alterations or adjustments to his kart or other material or equipment.

The American Formula A Championship

Event Procedures and Rules


2) BUMPERS & BODY WORK: It has been approved by I.K.F that CIK bumpers are legal and verified all CIK approved bodywork must be in place.

3) SAFETY INSPECTION: As per the I.K.F. rule book, safety wire will be enforced. Rear axle hubs must be retained so as not to slide off the kart. See sketch below.

4) TIRES: Tires for parc ferme must be purchased PRIOR to the event from the dealer handling the brand you wish to use. After entry deadline, we will contact the tire suppliers to confirm payment arrangements have been made for your tire choice. Only one set of slick tires plus one spare tire will be provided for each entrant in parc ferme. Under no circumstances will your slick tires return to your pit. The competitor must provide all practice tires.

5) RAIN TIRES: Rain tires will be supplied by the competitor to be delivered by the competitor to parc ferme by 10:00 a.m. August 13th. The compound is free but the brand must be the same as appears on the entry form. Tires may be new or used.

6) 2 CYCLE OIL: To provide for better control of the fuel mixture, oil must be nominated on the entry form and will be purchased in parc ferme. A consensus was taken of a number of the drivers and the legal oils are:

   Oil                   Price    Price   Container Size  Reserved
  --------------------   -----    ------  --------------  --------
  Burris Hi Rev Castor    5.00    15.00   Pint            3
  Castrol R40             7.50    15.00   QT.             2
  Redline 2 Cycle Kart    5.00    15.00   Pint            3
  Shell Super M          15.00    15.00   Liter           1
  Blendzall Ultra         5.00    15.00   Pint            3

Please Note: The quantity in the “Reserved” column above is what will be held for you in parc ferme. Please pay by cash with exact change ($ 15 00). All practice oil & fuel will be provided by the competitor.

7) GASOLINE: A maximum of 5 gallons will be dispensed per competitor in parc ferme. Please label your fuel container with your kart number. Present your completely empty container with unmixed gasoline, you will mix your fuel under the supervision at that time. Competitors will arrange for all practice gasoline.

When you finish your qualifying, heat, and final, proceed directly to parc ferme with no assistance. In parc ferme, remove your tires and drain your tank into your own fuel container each re-entrance into parc ferme will require a completely empty fuel tank. Turn your kart upside down if you must to remove all fluid.

The gate steward will then inspect your fuel tank prior to parc ferme entrance. Competitors are encouraged to provide removable fuel tanks, thereby avoiding draining tank.

Fuel will be handed to competitors at the 5 minute warning. A siren will sound indicating 5 minutes until start. Do not ask for fuel early.

8) ROLL CALL: (Administrative Checking) will be performed at 7:00 a.m. August 12th.

Credentials and any new information will be issued at this time. $50 fine for non-attendance or tardiness.

A group photo will be taken of all of the drivers and their mechanics together. It is obligatory to wear your drivers suits.

9) PARC FERME ACCESS: Remember, only the driver plus one mechanic per kart is allowed in parc ferme. Credentials must be presented to gain entrance to parc ferme.

10) SCRUTINEERING: Administrative checking and equipment scrutineering will be carried out in Parc Ferme at the close of practice August 12. At this time you will be expected to submit a maximum of two engines to be sealed. Engine type must be as nominated on the entry form. Chassis serial #’s (2 max) must also be submitted at this time. After the final, podium finishers (top 3 positions) will be subjected to post race scrutineering.

11) DRIVER CONDUCT: Fighting, foul language, lewd gestures, or assault of any kind will not be tolerated. Expulsion from the event will be the penalty for any driver. Please show tolerance and professionalism at all times since all workers are volunteer

12) PRE GRID: In the event grid is deemed too narrow, the grid will be formed single file.

13) PRACTICE AND OTHER FEES: Please contact the circuit at 914-754-8500 for a schedule of additional fees.

14) CHECK-IN: This is an I.K.F. event and you must go to registration prior to practice.



  7:00 a.m. Roll-call & group photo (driver suits required)
  8:00 a.m. Practice in rotation With I.K.F.
  6:00 p.m. Administrative checking


 Morning Warm-Up
  8:00 a.m. Carburetor test

 Timed Practice (Qualifying)
  9:00 a.m. Parc Ferme open
 10:00 a.m. Rain tire/fuel container deadline
 11:55 a.m. Parc Ferme closed
 12:00 p.m. Begin Timed Practice (qualifying)

 Pre Final
  1:30 p.m. Parc Ferme open
  2:25 p.m. Parc Ferme closed
  3:00 p.m. PRE-FINAL 12.5 miles

  5:00 p.m. Parc Ferme open
  5:55 p.m. Parc Ferme closed
  6:00 p.m. FINAL 18.5 miles

Podium and champagne ceremony immediately following final

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