Sparco: Kart wheels


Sparco K295 kart wheel

Sparco K295

The Sparco brand is synonomous with high performance, high quality products, and the Sparco range of steering wheels are no exception.

Sparco K295

The traditional kart steering wheel. Very popular since it’s initial introduction. 295mm diameter.

Sparco R310 kart wheel

Sparco R310

Sparco R310

A simple steering wheel with Alcantara finishing, a soft rim for sure grip, and the diameter most suited to modern karts. 310mm diameter.

Sparco S320D

Sparco S320D kart wheel

Sparco S320D

The first D-shaped flat bottom kart steering wheel on the market. Designed to avoid interference with the driver’s legs, and to achieve weight reduction. 320mm diameter.

Sparco F320U

A unique shape designed to allow easy mounting of stopwatches, tachos and other spoke mounted instruments in the highest possible position on the central spoke. Alcantara soft grip finish on sides and bottom and carbon look finish on the flat top. 320 diameter.

Sparco T310

The best of both worlds with flat top and bottom. Alcantara soft grip finish on the sides and carbon look finish top and bottom. Also features 2 buttons on the central spokes for easy instrument mounting. 310mm diameter.

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