K2000 Silver Arrow


The Silver Arrow features a radially vented brake disc and removable side torsion bar for quick and easy chassis adjustment. The stunning looks, high level of quality equipment and fittings are standard throughout the range.

The K2000 Silver Arrow is the latest evolution of the all-conquering AX6 chassis, and once again reasserts itself as the benchmark against which all other karts are measured.

The K2000 Silver Arrow boasts all the latest innovations in kart racing technology including many developed exclusively by DPE. Standard features include DPE’s own 18mm vented brake disc, camber.caster adjustment, and gold anodised billet alloy wheel hubs, to mention just a few.

The following kart pricing relates to rolling chassis only, fitted with the YEQ tyres, but does not include engine, rear sprocket or chain. These items are available for seperate purchase.

Specification Key:  • Standard Equipment   † No Cost Option

Specifications: K2000 Silver Arrow 30 K2000 Silver Arrow 40
Axle – 30mm Hollow
Axle – 30mm Thinwall
Axle – 40mm Hollow
Bearing Flanges – Alloy Machined
Bearing Flanges – Gold Billet Alloy
Brakes – Hydraulic Billet
Brake Disc – 18mm Super Disc
Castor/Camber – Adjustable
Chassis – Chrome Moly Stress Relieved
Engine Mount – Anti Vibration
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 ltr 6.5 ltr
Floor Tray – Blue Transparent
Nassa Panel – F1 Style
Alloy Heel Rest
Powder Coating – Silver Chrome
Removable Side Torsion Bar
Seat – Handlayed Ligthweight Hi-Strength
Seat Stays
Side Pods – AX6 F1 Style
Sprocket Hubs – Alloy Machined
Sprocket Hubs – Gold Billet Alloy
Steering Wheel – Alloy/Suede
Tie Rods – Alloy Machined
Wheels – Edwards Futura Mags
Wheel Hubs – Extended With Studs/Nuts
Wheel Hubs – Gold Billet With Studs/Nuts
Chassis Tubing Diameter 28/30mm 28/30mm
Wheelbase 102.5cm 102.5cm
Dry Weight (Without tyres) 44.5kg 45.0kg

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