Demon Kart (Buller Built, Inc.)


The 1999 Demon Kart is an updated version of the highly successful 1998 Buller Offset.
To help you to be fast from the first time out, each kart is shipped with the most comprehensive set-up sheet in the industry

Demon Kart: User friendly adjustments include

  • Front and rear ride height adjustment
  • Castor, camber, ackerman
  • Sliding lower seat mount
  • Adjustable steering wheel height
  • Long front axles for in and out adjustments of the front wheels
  • Nerf bars that easily adjust in and out
  • Adjustable wheel base on the right side. This allows you to “free-up” or “hook-up” the kart for your track conditions.

Demon Kart: Features and specifications

  • 1-1/4″ lightweight construction
  • 23-3/4″ kingpin to kingpin
  • 5/8″ front axles
  • Powdercoat paint in black, red, and blue
  • Nerfs and bumpers are powdercoated in ht-gloss black and built to easily accept the mounting of bodywork
  • Low rider fiberglass seat
  • Weight tabs to mount weight to the frame
  • Lower ride height than previous Buller karts
  • Low rider adjustable billet aluminum seat struts

Demon Kart: Included as standard equipment

  • Simple, lightweight left rear weight jacker that allows quick adjustments of the cross weights while the kart is on the scales and the driver is in the seat
  • Billet aluminum caliper bracket that keeps the brake properly positioned when making axle height adjustments
  • More weight tabs where you need them
  • Reversible long front hubs to allow for the use of more front rim offset combinations
  • Euro-style lightweight steering wheel
  • Adjustable wheel base on the right side of the kart
  • MCP Minilite brakes
  • Extended billet aluminum rear hubs – 5/16″ or 1/4″ bolts
  • Included with each Demon kart is a 14-page set-up sheet and phone number where you can receive the most in depth set-up help in the industry

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