AX6 Junior & Midget


Designed and constructed using the same technology as the senior karts, the 100.5cm wheelbase AX6 Junior has two-bearing design for just the right combination of chassis performance to suit lighter drivers.

The AX6 Junior chassis is a scaled down version of the Senior chassis, with specific design modifications to take into account the fact that the body weight of a smaller driver generates less grip.

Adjustable camber/caster, adjustable seat mount, and adjustable pedal position mounting mean that the kart can be easily adjusted to make any junior driver a winner.

A scaled-down version of the AX6, but incorporating the same level of commitment to design, quality, finish and handling.

The AX6 Midget/Rooky chassis is ideal for the youngest racing class levels.

Designed exclusively by DPE, this chassis mirrors the performance of its Junior and Senior counterparts, with a level of features and affordability to suit everyone, and is the chassis of choice for the youngest kart racer who wants to enter the winners circle immediately.

The following kart pricing relates to rolling chassis only, fitted with the YEQ tyres, but does not include engine, rear sprocket or chain. These items are available for seperate purchase.

Specification Key:  • Standard Equipment

Specifications: AX6 Junior AX6 Midget
Axle – 30mm Thinwall
Bearing Flanges – Alloy Machined
Brakes – Hydraulic
Brakes – Mechanical
Brake Disc – Radially Ventilated
Brake Disc – Steel
Caster/Camber – Adjustable
Chassis – Hi-Tensile Stress Relieved
Engine Mount – Anti Vibration
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 ltr 3.0 ltr
Floor Tray – Alloy Chrome
Nassa Panel – F1 Style
Alloy Heel Rest
Powder Coating – Blue Transparent
Seat – Handlayed Ligthweight
Side Pods – AX6 F1 Style
Side Pods – Rooky/Midget
Sprocket Hubs – Alloy Machined
Steering Wheel – Alloy/Suede
Tie Rods – Steel
Wheels – Edwards Futura Mags
Wheel Hubs – Extended With Studs/Nuts
Wheel Hubs – Short With Studs/Nuts
Chassis Tubing Diameter 28mm 28mm
Wheelbase 100.5cm 90.5cm*
Dry Weight (Without Tyres) 40.0kg 36.0kg
* A 94cm long wheel base version of the AX6 Midget is also available.

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