Aero-LT (Buller Built, Inc.)


The Aero line of adjustable karts, in the last 7 years, have won more I.K.F. Speedway Grandnational Championships than all other brands combined!! If you are serious about 2-cycle dirt racing, this is the only kart for you! It’s past performance record speads for itself! (2000)

Aero-LT: Features and specifications

  • Built of lightweight 4130 chrome moly
  • Adjustable front spindle height
  • Adjustable camber on front spindles
  • Rigid 17 mm. front axles
  • Adjustable spindle ackerman
  • Adjustable brake caliper position
  • Adjustable 31″ to 43″ track width
  • Adjustable front end caster
  • Adjustable wheelbase and lead
  • Adjustable steering wheel height
  • Rear frame 21″ center to center

Aero-LT: Standard equipment

  • 1 1/4″ rear special alloy tubular axle
  • Aluminum axle bearing cassettes
  • Black plastic floor pan
  • Extra protective front and rear bumper rubber mounted nerf  bars adjust in and out
  • Brakes by MCP
  • Douglas 2 piece wheels
  • Billet aluminum front hubs Van K pattern
  • Billet aluminum extended rear hubs Van K pattern
  • 5 qt. European plastic fuel tank
  • Red or Black powdercoat paint

The Aero-LT features a removable motor mount which is easily moved from left to right depending on your preference or application. By simply bolting on an additional motor mount, the single chassis is easily converted to a dual chassis. Other standard features on the Aero-LT include adjustable castor, ride height, wedge, ackerman, and track width to suit your particular set-up and driving style. Caster and track width adjustments are easily made by moving spacers which position the spindle stop. No special tools or protractors are needed. The front spindle arrangement gives the added benefit that when changes are made to the track width or offset, the scrub radius of the front geometry remains unchanged. Also, by adding, removing or moving the right side chassis stiffener, the flex of the chassis is quickly adjustable to changing track conditions.

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