Karting in Holland


Here is some info about karting in Holland (aka Netherlands, aka Nederland) in 90s.

Karting is really booming in the Netherlands, especially in the last two years. That has everything to do with countryman Jos Verstappen, competing successfully in Formula One (being teammate to World Champion Schumacher in 1994).

Indoor tracks are being opened in every major city nowadays, so I won’t give you adressess of all the tracks, if you don’t mind.

However, the biggest indoor track is owned by Michel Bleekemolen, also former F1-driver. It’s situated in Mijdrecht:

Industrieweg 29,
3641 RK Mijdrecht
tel. 0031-2979-83018

He recently opened the biggest indoortrack of Europe, in Amsterdam. I do not have the address yet.

Outdoor tracks are more professional and are open to races. We roughly got three classes: children, 100 cc and 125 cc. 100 cc is the most competed class. Starting at Promo 100 (a low-cost standard kart) to National 100 and formula A.

In 125 there is a new class, called Promo 95 (referring to the sound level of the exhaust, whisch is 95 Db.) This has a liquid-cooled motor and a free choice of frame.

The fastest class is the 125, with 6 gears and four brakes.

Karting is officially being organized by the FIA, in Holland represented by the KNAC.

Finally, here are some adresses of the best outdoor circuits in Holland:

Amsterdam (my favorite track)
Theemsweg 1
1043 BD AMsterdam-sloterdijk

Kombikart Nieuw-Zevenbergen
Zevenbergseweg 41
5351 PG OSS

Kombikart De Landsart
Landsardseweg 47

Karba Zandvoort
Burg. van Alphenstraat

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