How long will a frame last before it ‘goes away’?


How long will a frame last before it ‘goes away’?

Answer: Our frames as most in the industry are constructed out of 4130 chrome-moly tubing.

How we differ from some of the other manufactures, is that we use only aircraft grade tubing, also, we heat-treat the frames after welding.

The heat treatment helps minimize binding, especially around the weld joints. These precautions greatly increase the life of the frame, but, since 4130 is a high-carbon alloy, the frame has a tendency to work-harden over a period of time.

The area that work-hardens first is the area where the most flex occurs. As this area becomes stiffer the frame is forced to flex at another point . This is the process that changes the handling of an older frame.

Work hardening begins as soon as a frame is run. Fortunately though, it is a very slow process. However, how long until it affects the handling of a kart is very hard to predict. If you race in a low-powered, light-weight class, this may take years before it can be noticed.

Karts raced on high horsepower, high weight classes, on the other hand, may not last as long. Very experienced drivers may notice a change in handling after 20 to 30 races. Even then, with only a minor change in set up, the performance of the kart should be close to that of a new frame.

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