BULLY clutch


What makes the BULLY clutch superior to the other clutches in the marketplace?

Answer: Actually there are several good 4 cycle clutches on the market. The BULLY clutch has several unique features that make it stand out from the rest. One if the most important aspects to look at is clutch construction, is in the strength of the friction surface areas. These areas need to be strong enough to resist distortion. By going to thin gauge steel in these areas, many manufactures have found that they are able to stamp the part, thus, greatly reducing their cost of manufacture. The BULLY clutch has these parts machined from certified aircraft alloy. By using this method of construction these vital parts stay true throughout the life of the clutch. The levers are another area of difference in the BULLY clutch. Here also, most manufactures use a thin gage steel and stamp the part out. Bully levers are CNC milled out of certified tool steel plates, and then heat-treated and coated with a PTFE anti-friction coating.

This way we are able to control the very important contour of the weight. Another area of difference is in the testing that has gone into the BULLY clutch. Buller built has invested in a hi-tech computerized clutch dynometer. It will show exactly how much torque is being transferred, how complete the locked couple is, and how quickly one clutch will accelerate a mass when compared to another set-up.

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