WaZoom Racing Engine


What is it?

The WaZoom engine is an “out-of-the-box, ready-to-race” modified engine built by West Iowa Tool. It was developed in response to the needs of tracks and associations who have expressed an interest in making the process of racing easier.

All WaZoom engines come with a Total Seal crankcase to simplify and speed the “tech” process. It also has sparked many new local classes to spring up for old and new racers alike. These classes offer a more level playing field and success focuses more on driving skills.

WaZoom: Power

Our testing of the WaZoom engine indicates peak horsepower in the 13 HP range at 7200 rpm. It has an excellent “bottom end” and pulls hard through-out the entire power band starting at below 4000 rpm. It will outrun superstock class engines and will give some 2-cycles a run for the finish.


Stock components are used where possible. The engine also has an upgrade option of a Horstman rod and a Wiesco piston. An aggressive Bordeaux Dyno Cam is standard. A small diameter, lightweight flywheel is standard. The pre-jetted diaphragm carburetor is equipped with a billet aluminum air horn and intake manifold. Each WaZoom comes with a tuned pipe. All machining, including ports, are CNC’d to ensure that all engines have equal output. The piston rings are lapped and the center ring is a Total Seal gapless style. Further extensive machining has been done to the head and cylinder to raise compression and aid in flame propagation as well as flow characteristics, which equates to increased output. A special head gasket is standard.

New for 1998

The Blue Wazoom Racing engine will experience some minor changes for the 1998 production year. With over two seasons of racing since the Blue Wazoom’s introduction, West Iowa Tool looks to provide even more value for the racer’s buck. With the best interest of racers, West Iowa Tool has set out to improve the Blue Wazoom without changing the performance of the engine.

Since many of their customers became tempted to operate the engine at or above the recommended red line of 7,200 rpm, a decision was made to make the value of the train even more durable. The valve train will include Crane dual valve springs and retainers. The goal is to prevent premature valve guide wear and to eliminate any wear of the valve spring retainer groove on the intake valve. An additional advantage will be that with the added seat pressure that the dual valve springs exert, the valves should not need “freshening” as often.

Also, for 1998, the following parts package is included with each new engine:

  • Throttle linkage kit
  • Fuel filter
  • Fuel line
  • Air filter
  • Foam pre-air filter sock
  • Chain guard
  • Crankcase breather tubing
  • 1/2 Gallon of engine oil

These items should help the racer by providing as many of the essentials things required to get up and running soon after they receive it.

Engine Life

The WaZoom engine has been designed with top quality components and is intended to be raced with minimal maintenance required. With regular oil changes with the right oil and clean air, the WaZoom is built to withstand a full season of racing without a major teardown. Sealed engines must be inspected and repaired at authorized repair centers.

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