Update your Raptor to Raptor III Specs


The new components which make Raptor II engines race friendly can be added to earlier Raptor and other Briggs & Stratton model 13 engines.

Valve Guide (Oil Impregnated Bronze – large O.D. – .378) 555214
Midnight Bronze Blower Housing 555017
Cylinder head – not shot blasted 555199
Crankshaft – induction hardened crankpin and “slip fit” ball bearing 555200
Carb Mounting Screw (torx, small dia. socket head) 555193
Crankcase Gasket – silicon bead silkscreened 555191
Gasket Set – includes new head, cover and large I.D. carb gaskets 555210
Head Gasket – non stick, torque once, high heat trans., thinner 555066
Fuel Tank – tox lock fastened to bracket 555192
Cover – not shot blasted 555209
Cylinder – not shot blasted, w/ new valve guide 555205
Cylinder – as above but sleeve bore 555206
Con Rod – redesigned and with integral dipper 555207
Con Rod – as above but .020″ undersize 555208

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