Raptor II racing engine (Briggs & Stratton)


Raptor II racing engine

Raptor II racing engine

Production Dates: January 1997 – December 2000

In early 1997, Briggs & Stratton began production of its Raptor II racing engine.

This version of the racing engine continued to dominate karting, jr. drag racing, as well as many other areas of racing until the Raptor III, the third version of this series, began production in December 2000.

Raptor II will succeed the company’s Raptor engine. Produced since 1994, the original Raptor has become the most popular racing engine in the world with applications including Karting, Jr. Drag Racing and many other forms of motorsports.

Built “for racing only,” Raptor II will incorporate a number of new features which add durability and simplify the process of race preparation. Raptor II will be available with both aluminum (Model 135230 Type 7014-01) and cast-iron (Model 133230 Type 8014-01) cylinder bores. Both versions will be equipped with chrome-plated pistons.

Raptor II will be available at authorized Briggs & Stratton Motorsports Centers and Motorsports Associates throughout the US and Canada.

Features include:

  • New connecting rod with integral oil dipper and larger radius I-beam.
  • New fuel tank bracket and improved tank to bracket connection (no more spot welds).
  • Crankshaft with induction hardened crankpin and “slip-fit” PTO ball-bearing for wear resistance and easy cam timing.
  • New oil impregnated bronze exhaust valve guide for long competition life.
  • Revamped carburetor machining for uniform high-flow.
  • New head gasket for torque retention and heat transfer.
  • Longer high-strength head bolts for better control of head torque.
  • New silicon-beaded crankcase cover gasket for oil control and torque retention.
  • New upper retainer controls valve springs.
  • New Champion/Briggs & Stratton platinum racing spark plug with wide temperature range. Works well with either methanol or gas.
  • “As Cast” block, head and crankcase cover-reduces combustion deposit and debris collection on internal parts.
  • New owners manual with race-prep tips, parts lists and more.
Raptor II Torque Curve

Raptor II Torque Curve

Raptor II Power Curves

Raptor II Power Curves

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