2004, and 2005 Velocity Chassis (Buller Built, Inc.)


The 2004 Buller Velocity is the newest addition to the winning line of Buller Chassis. It is designed as a stiffer, wider, chassis for hard race tracks and asphalt. It features adjustable front and rear lead, wheelbase, caster, camber, lr roll center, as well as cross. It is not only the most adjustable Buller chassis ever, but also the most tunable. The lead, lr wedge, as well as caster all have scales and can be adjusted without the use of measuring tools.

Standard Equipment

Sliding Lead scale that lets you see at a glance exactly how much lead is in the kart
Camber is easily adjustable due to heim joint front end
Removable rear bearing shields for faster cleaning
Hard anodized rear bearing cassetes with grease zerks for lubricating the bearing race in the cassette
Long left rear hub allows LR wheel movement without removing the tire
Thin axle spacers prevent RR hub from sliding in
A short front loop to allow tighter steering radius and improved handling
Lightweight billet brake caliper that floats with the axle to keep brakes lined up at all times
User friendly left rear weight jacker on the LR of chassis. Allows cross changes in less than a mintue with driver on the scales
Slack Aluminum steering wheel
Toe Lock
Adjustable right side wheel base
14+ page set up sheet included with every chassis
Burris Performance EZ-Seat

Available Options

3 quart or 5 quart plastic fuel tank
IKF Monster Bumper
WKA Monster Bumper
Burris Performance BPII Body Kit
G-Man plastic bodywork
Martin hydraulic brakes
Wedge body kit

Features and Specifications

Improved steering geometry for 2003, including less scrub radius.
23 3/8″ Kingpin to Kingpin
Drag Link tie Rod assembly for more linear ackerman geometry
1 1/4″ Lightweight construction
5/8″ Front axles
Powdercoat paint in black, red, and blue. Yellow and clear coat upon request. Chrome on request
Nerfs and bumpers are powdercoated in high gloss black and built to easily accept bodywork
Low Rider adjustable billet aluminum seat struts

2005 Velocity Chassis: new for 2005

-Brake and throttle mounting points moved forward to nose of the chassis.
-Seat sliders have been dropped inside the front seat rail. This results in a lower leverage point for the seat struts and allows for more room for fuel tanks.
-LR link to control lr frame flex the the left and right. Keeps brakes from dragging on high horsepower applications, as well.
-Larger frame supports across the right side rail, resualting in a stiffer and more consistent handling. There are also three instead of four, and the rearward-most one has been moved back to stiffen the right rear.
-The rear seat bar has been redesigned, resulting in a stiffer RR corner and more consistent handling.
-New spindle geometry that dramatically “frees up” the LR and plants the RF much harder in the turns.
-New fuel tank available that mounts to the steering uprights. Takes 30 seconds to install or remove!

In all, the 2005 chassis has a much more stable and consistent feel than the 2004. The changes were subtle but all were aimed at eliminating the often soft front-end feel of the 2004, by prviding more RF bite and a more stable rear half of the chassis. All of the components will interchange between the model years except the frame and spindles.

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