2003 Kid Kart Chassis (Buller Built, Inc.)


The Buller Kid Kart is manufactured to IKF & WKA rules. It is to be operated only under parental supervision, while participating in exhibition events. It is a tool whose purpose is to teach safe racing to 5, 6, and 7 year old kids.

Tinker package

– Adjustable Caster (with pills).
– Infinitely adjustable camber (within range)
– 5″ Dunlop high grip racing slicks
– Pre-Mix Buller Blend Oil


– Front and rear ride height adjustment
– Castor, camber, ackerman
– Adjustable steering wheel height
– Long front axles for in and out adjustments of the front wheels
– Steering Wheel height
– Adjustable Rear Hubs

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