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Bridgestone: kart racing tyres

2000 Racing karts require high quality grip performance and durability, and Bridgestone tyres meet these needs right to the finish line of even the most demanding race. Bridgestone’s advanced production technology ensures that engine power is transfered to the racing surface as efficently and consistently as possible, and these tyres have propelled many drivers to […]

Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Kart Tires can push you to new performance heights in every category of kart racing. Whether you’re in search of an asphalt slick or an aggressive-tread rain tire, Maxxis Kart tires deliver the perfect balance between traction and durability. SLC Tires Nylon casing Durable tread compound for a longer life Used for club and […]

Tire Theory

Tires are an area of a race car knowledge about which relatively little is understood. Racers know exactly what changing the rear width, a 1% of cross, or any other number of infinite adjustments will do to the handling of a car, and most of them know why those changes effect the handling. The same […]