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Karting Classes raced in Australia

The classes listed above are a quick look at what is available in Australian Karting. The standard (also know as SL) classes are where you are probably best of concentrating your efforts to start with. I have put the Performance and FMK classes in so as you can get an overall view of the scope […]

An Introduction To Australian Karting for Beginners

Kart racing is a cheaper alternative to all those who seek the thrills of Motorsports but can’t afford the high budgets to run racing cars. It is also a place were juniors can work on their skills for a future in car racing. Many of the worlds top drivers as well as top local drivers […]

American Formula-A Championship

Technical Regulations – Homologated single cylinder series production air cooled engines, complying with the specifications a Article 37 to 43 of the present regulation. All systems of ‘Power-Valve are forbidden. – Maximum cubic capacity 100cc, without gearbox. – Rotary Valve Engine – The ignition system used must be in conformity with the CIK/FIA Regulations – […]

What good are spec classes?

… an opinion When I started karting, I looked at it as a fun, supposedly, inexpensive way to race, and I thought, and still think, that karts are a blast. But, after racing a few different classes, I’ve had some further thoughts on the low cost addage, and especially the promotion of spec classes. Also, […]

Formula A and Formula Super A Overview

Formula Super A is considered the Karting World Championship class. Formula A, while a very good class in it’s own right, is the stepping stone to Super A. While there is about a 1/2 second difference between the two formulas, the two classes are very close specification wise. 100cc single cylinder two cycle Air cooled […]