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Karting: Racing’s Fast Little Cars

Karting began during the late 1950s in the parking lots of southern California and quickly spread across the country and throughout the world. Tracks were built, and karters matched driving and mechanical skills against each other in competition, with champions driving faster than 140 miles per hour. This site describes the development of the sport […]

Professional Karting

Karting reached a milestone in 1974 when the first professional race was held. The race took place after much promoting and organizing by experienced karters such as Lake Speed and Lynn Haddock. They felt that karting had to advance beyond its amateur status in order to provide better competition for the best drivers in the […]

Champions Of Karting

In 1978, Lake Speed proved what many people had believed for a long time — that he was the best kart driver in the world. Lake did this by winning the karting World Championships at Le Mans, France. Before his international victory at Le Mans, Lake had won nearly every important race in the United […]


The Daytona International Speedway hosted kart racing’s biggest event ever — the 1979 WKA (World Karting Association) Winter Enduro Nationals. At Daytona, 946 karters from around the world competed in 19 different classes. The WKA Winter Enduro Nationals are held every December at Daytona Beach, Florida. This race is one of the four major events […]

Karting Safety

As karting has grown, so has its emphasis on safety. Today, all drivers and karts entering officially sanctioned events must comply with the rules established by the karting organizations. In case of injury, drivers also carry accident insurance, which is paid for through their IKF or WKA membership dues. THE PRE-RACE TECHNICAL INSPECTION One of […]

Super Karts

More than any other type of kart, the Super Kart resembles the big race cars competing at the Indianapolis 500 and in other famous auto races. The Super Kart’s powerful 250 cubic-centimeter (cc) engine is actually a motorcycle engine. Like its large race car cousin, but unlike any other type of kart, the Super Kart […]

Karting Classes

Each of the major types of kart racing — sprint racing, road racing, and speedway racing — has several competition classes. These classes are determined by three factors: the driver’s age; the combined weight of the kart and driver; and the engine size and type. In national competiton, a driver must be at least 9 […]

The Different Types Of Kart Racing

Over the years, karting has grown and changed from a “parking lot” recreation to a full-fledged sport. In the process, several types of kart racing have evolved. The different kinds of kart races are run on different kinds of tracks and under different race procedures. The three major types of karting competition are: sprint racing, […]

The Early Development Of Karting

From his muffler shop in Los Angeles, Duffy Livingstone began manufacturing and selling the little cars. Livingstone, along with partners Bill Rowles and Roy Desbrow, had seen the great demand for the little cars. In almost no time, the mufflers were gone from the shop, and the three partners were spending all their time building […]

Karting in Finland

Something about… karting in Finland! I hope you don’t get bored to death, but Pete Muller asked for it… this is how I see it. I must start with some background, as I don’t expect that the people in this mailing list in general know very much about Finland. The country is situated up north […]