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Breaking in an Engine

The process of breaking an engine in truly deals with every component in the engine. What occurs is the high spots or rough edges of the components are being removed by metal-to-metal contact with the mating surface. This process is occurring on a microscopic level. A second reason to break-in the engine is to normalize […]

Raptor II racing engine (Briggs & Stratton)

Production Dates: January 1997 – December 2000 In early 1997, Briggs & Stratton began production of its Raptor II racing engine. This version of the racing engine continued to dominate karting, jr. drag racing, as well as many other areas of racing until the Raptor III, the third version of this series, began production in […]

Raptor racing engine (Briggs & Stratton)

Now replaced by the Raptor III, Raptor engines can and often are raced “out of the box.” They are built, however, with the intention of being blueprinted (built for customization) for the type of competition in which they will be used. All Raptor racing engines are “4-Cycle” (sometimes called 4-Stroke) side-valve (flathead) designs. There are […]

Engine Yamaha KT100S

The Yamaha KT100S is a single cylinder, two-stroke, piston valve engine with oil-in-fuel lubrication and transistor control ignition. The cylinder is forward inclined. Bore/Stroke Displacement Compression Weight Fuel Mix 52mm x 46mm 97.6cc 7.9:1 10.3kg 15:1

Engine Yamaha KT100J

The Yamaha KT100J is a single cylinder, two-stroke, piston valve engine. It uses oil-in-fuel lubrication and capacitor discharge ignition for its single vertical cylinder. Bore/Stroke Displacement Compression Weight Fuel Mix 50mm x 50mm 98.1cc 7.6:1 9.5kg 15:1

Engine Rotax FR125 Max

History has shown that the sport of karting experiences strong growth when a user-friendly product is introduced, and this was obviously the case with the Yamaha engine. The Rotax FR125 Max is the next step forward, and features: High performance – 28bhp provides reed type performance Reliability And Low Maintenance – The highly detailed instruction […]

Buller Racing Engines

Buller Briggs Grandnational Engines Buller has a complete line of Briggs engine packages built for your particular racing application. These blueprinted engines have all the lateset trick machining and inspections performed with accurate name brand equipment. In 1998, we started to Cryogenically treat the dual ball bearing Briggs engine block. Advantages of this one time […]